Nothingís Left To Chance

Those who think life to be
A string of random chances
Have experienced uncertainty
Amid the yearsí advances

  A choice I am to make
With spirit willed ambition
Selecting a path to take
Reveals my true conviction 

A most precious gift is given
From Godís own hand received
The life I am now living
With Him I have no need 

In You I have a picture
God has given me to see
Of beauty and far richer
Than world their standards be

The path with You Iíve taken
Is one I want to walk
Hand in hand not shaken
This is the life Iíve sought

Thereís nothing left to chance
It has been all foreseen
Through prophetís given glance
Both in visions and in dreams

Life, it has more purpose
Thereís reason for praise and dance
Jesus by faith assure us
There is nothings left to chance


Though you are now older

Though you are now older
In the measurement of time
As calendars flip forward
And clock springs unwind 

Marking the pass of time
For some that is depressing
Unfulfilled dreams they find
No chance of them possessing

For you I see a life thatís full
One that you can cherish
Family, friends you have us all
A love that will not perish

Moments that we have with you
Is for us encouraging
The fruit of God is coming through
How abundantly itís flourishing

We have reason for rejoicing
In spirit full elation
To proclaim the word of God to you
You are a new creation