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The Veranda Suite is the last room we completed. It may have been the last, but it is certainly not the least.  What can I say about The Veranda Suite that the pictures do not show you?

  First let me tell you why we decided to name it The Veranda Suite.

  We added on to a cottage we already had to create two new rooms. One was to be The Plantation Suite and the other became The Veranda Suite. We finished The Plantation first. When we went to work on The Veranda, it had a porch, that we chose to incorporate into the suite by making it a sitting area. I know a veranda is an open porch connected to a building. Well, The Veranda Suite's sitting area is not open,  but with all the windows it has that porch like, sunroom feel.

  It has a bead-board ceiling with exposed joist and the color is a natural golden tone of pine with a polished glossy finish. In contrast, the floors are wide wooden planks stained in dark walnut. The walls of the sitting area are painted textured paneling as you would expect in an enclosed porch. The bedroom has smooth walls painted with a faux technique using three shades of beige.

  You may open the plantation shades from the sitting area to reveal wooded hillside. Sit back an enjoy the flat panel TV atop your own fireplace. Walk past the custom carved entry to our bedroom.

  Within your bedroom is a kitchenette made of oak with a granite top. You have with this a refrigerator, coffee pot, and microwave. Fresh flowers adorn a dinning table for your meals. There is a king-size, French designed, iron bed with exquisite comforters and comfortable sheets of a high thread count. Tucked into the corner of the bedroom is one of the most comfortable oval double-backed champagne tubs you have ever seen.

  There is also your own private bathroom with a toilet of course, sink, and a large 4x3 foot shower. We even provide for your convenience a hair dryer.

  If you would like more information about this room or another room, please contact us with all your questions.

     Amenities Include

  • TV

  • Wireless Internet 

  • Refrigerator

  • Coffee Pot

  • Electric Fireplace

  • Dinning Table with Two Chairs

  • Private Deck & Entry (Coming Soon)

  • King-size  Bed

  • Large Whirlpool Tub

  • Separate Shower

  • Ironing Board & Iron

  • Hair Dryer

  • Great Views

Bed and Breakfast on White Rock Creek
267 Ruby Dell Lane
Waco, Texas 76705

This is a non-smoking facility! Please do not come here if you want to smoke in your room! We want our rooms to be enjoyed by everyone, even the one that comes in after you!