Then God Intervened

That Fateful Day

This day begins for her, like none she has ever known in her life. All days previous to this one have been hard fought in pursuit of what she believed was paramount for a quality of life. It was not within her character to give in, but to press in, to get fired up, not to give up, but today she has not risen to victory, nor soaring with eagles, today she must bow to defeat. Today she has made the decision not to hold on any longer, but to let go.

For the past several months she has seen her marriage progressively disintegrate and no attempt has slowed its demise. The last year for her has been a Job like experience, one devastating event after another. She has been a student of the bible her entire life, raised by Christian parents, has seen the promises written there for those who believe, has cried to God anguishing over the turmoil which has enveloped her. Where is God’s mercy, why is He allowing her life to continue?

Reluctantly, she grants his request for separation. She knew that they received their marriage license at the county courthouse, so being uncertain about how the process works in obtaining a divorce; she thought that would be the place to start and said “let’s go to the courthouse and seek how to get a divorce”. He agreed with her decision thinking he has finally won this fight.

They decided to ride together in the same car to the courthouse to finding out which direction they should go. He was in the driver’s seat; she was sitting directly to his right. Pulling out of the driveway, they turned correctly heading into the right direction. The only sound being made was by the car, the motor’s roar and tires hitting pavement, otherwise, silence.

Wanting to break the silence, she reached over, put her hand to the radio and turned it on. It was at that point God Intervened.

On that day, at that spot in the road, in the spring of 1991, Retha and I know without any doubt, that God intervened and changed our lives forever. The telling of our testimony of what happened that day and every day since then, has also affected the lives of many others, we have told our stories to and we would love to share it with you as well.

So many people struggle in life, not feeling they have the complete assurance they are in the will of God. Retha and I absolutely know that is what God wants us all to walk in. To have the complete assurance of being in His will.

It is our prayer that you experience the fullness of all that God has for you.

Bless you;

Dana & Retha